Designed by Nathalie du Pasquier for Mutina

BRAC is a brick designed by artist Nathalie Du Pasquier exclusively for Mutina. It is a 3D element imagined as versatile component for the creation of all sorts of structures and walls. BRAC is a design element which is the natural evolution of BRIC, the artistic project specifically developed by Nathalie Du Pasquier for the MUT - Mutina For Art exhibition space. Fascinated by the brick and its possibilities, the artist has elaborated it as a module to be arranged vertically or horizontally, generating unexpected interplays of light and shadow within any environment.

"After many years, the encounter with Mutina allowed me to work on a design project again. I had forgotten how funny that could be. Mutina has the size that I like, we talk to each other and decide in the moment, then we go in the trattoria." Nathalie Du Pasquier

Production artisanal

Material terracotta trafilata extruded terracotta 

Nominal sizes 13·22·10 cm/* 8”·5”·4”