Designed by Tokujin Yoshioka for Mutina

This is ... Phenomenon
In recent days, I have intended to incorporate the natural phenomenon and the laws of nature into the idea of design and create works, which displays originality. In collaboration with Mutina, I have pondered on designing tiles, which expresses the textures of material derived from the nature. My intention is not to manipulate the appearance of nature, but to create a design, which stirs one's heart and imagination and remains deep in one's memory. Phenomenon integrates small substances and produces both depth and width. Various expressions of Phenomenon, such as honeycombs, snow crystals, icicles, plant cells evoke one's memory of the scenery in nature.

Production artisanal

Air – Honeycomb – Rock – Wind
Material homogeneous porcelain stoneware tesserae, obtained by pressing and fixed on net
Thickness honeycomb A min 5mm-max 6mm
honeycomb B min 6mm-max 8mm
air 8mm
rock 5mm
wind 7mm
Size air/honeycomb/ rock on 300x300mm mesh
wind on 250x300mm mesh
Material homogeneous unglazed porcelain stoneware straws, obtained by pressing and fixed on net
Thickness Rain A min 5mm - max 7mm
Rain B min 5mm - max 7mm
Rain C 5mm
Size on 250x300mm mesh