Designed by Silvia Giacobazzi for Mutina

This is Ceramica
Glazed tiles made by extrusion, making every single piece different from the others. This gives the surface its soft appearance, the elegant bouncing of light broken up by the alternation of flat and curved slabs. Ceramica is not a classic but an absolutely elegant, fresh, and refined product for contemporary lifestyles. The attention to detail, the pursuit of the right shade and the shine makes Ceramica incomparably unique. The 5·19.8 Size, already available in white, black and ivory, can now be found in three different shades of grey, which can be combined with the FLOW series, and in 3 earthy shades with spicy tones. A palette of colours that can be dipped into to create the trendiest of interiors.

Production artisanal
Material glazed extruded body
Thickness 11mm
Size: 53X198mm
Quarter round : 11 X 118mm
Angolo quarter round : 14X14mm