Cover marks one of Patricia Urquiola’s first ventures with large ceramic slabs. The collection came about from an experimental project using the Continua Plus technology. The clay is blended with a mixture of micro-grit, which is then used as a base for the coloured patterns applied using the silk-screen method. These may be irregular, figurative or geometric. This technology was necessary in order to obtain a compact material with powders, grains and flakes, without the addition of colour or digital applications. In the basic version, the collection consists of unglazed porcelain stoneware body, while in the versions decorated using the silk-screen method, the bodies are glazed. 

Production: industrial
Material: glazed homogeneous porcelain stoneware
Sizes: 120x240cm - 120x120cm - 30x120cm
Thickness: 6mm
Finishes: Natural