Bolefloor is the world's first industrial-scale manufactured hardwood flooring with naturally curved lengths that follow a tree's natural growth.
Solid flooring is the soul of Bolefloor, but some conditions still require a multilayer solution. Bolefloor's engineered product is ideal for more extreme conditions such as environments with inconsistent temperatures, floors which endure ultra-heavy traffic, etc.
Bolefloors are available beveled and unbeveled or in a combination of both, with tongue and groove.
Bolefloors are available unfinished or oiled, and also brushed for those seeking an aged or distressed look.

Species oak, ash, maple, cherry and walnut
Quality grades
Select: Our finest grade. No sapwood or dark knots on the face plane; healthy knots and "cat paw" present.
Natural: Sapwood and small dark knots present, as well as healthy knots and "cat paw."
Rustic: Sapwood, dark knots and cracks up to 2mm may be present.
For light-colored floors sapwood stripes are recommended when vitality is desired in the surface.
Size: engineered flooring is available in thickness 17mm (5mm core layer + 12mm plywood) and upon request (14mm (5mm core layer + 9mm plywood or 20mm (5mm core layer and 15mm plywood)